We are very proud to distribute the 2010-11 annual report of the Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD), Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. this report covers an eventful year of strategic planning activities, exciting program and technical innovations, continued proliferation of CE research and publications, and for the first time, a number
of awards recognizing the creativity of the Office of CEPD.

Throughout this academic year, Dr. Jamie Meuser acted as the chair of the Strategic Planning committee. We are indebted to his dedication and passion to ensure that this strategic planning process was a success. the new 2011-16 strategic Plan is highlighted within this report, but will be implemented and reviewed for the next annual reporting year.

It is the contribution of the many course directors, CE department directors, CE Department and hospital administrators, staff of the Office of CEPD, and the CE/KT scholars and researchers, who continue to make an impact on the quality of CE activities and the discovery of new knowledge and practices in the field.

Thank you to everyone who contributed this year to the ongoing evolution of continuing professional development within the faculty of medicine. as a result, we can proudly say, “Better education. Better Outcomes.™”